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To request a return, the customer must send a RMA request form, with all pertinent information to BOMImed. The approved RMA request form, with RMA number and shipping address, will be sent back to the customer. Please send the product including the approved request form to the provided address. All information for the return of material must be correct and agree to our terms and conditions. Please note, all fields marked as “for BOMImed use only”, will be filled out by BOMImed.

*We reserve the right to modify your chosen shipping method


Material to be returned as unused must be returned within 30 days of delivery date. The customer cannot return batteries, O2 sensors or custom made parts. To return unused goods, the inner packaging must be unopened, undamaged, unsoiled and existing seal must not be broken. Return as unused includes all types of order error, shipping error or shipping damages. In case of customer order error, the customer will receive a credit memo less 25% restocking fee, after return is received and inspected.

Please check the box “Unused” on the form, for this return type.


In this category, all faulty goods under warranty must be returned. The timeframes for warranty are specified in our terms and conditions of purchase order acknowledgement. When returning a part for warranty, customer will receive a replacement part, if repair is not requested by customer or advised by Technical Service. Furthermore, each part has to be requested on a single form. Return as warranty includes out of box failure. Please check the box “Warranty” on the form for this return type.


Each part to be returned for repair has to be requested with a single RMA request form. To return a part for repair means, that the part will get repaired on the customer’s account. Not all parts are available for repair. Furthermore, each part has to be requested on a single form. Please check the box “Repair” on the form for this return type.


The form is divided into different sections. At the top is a header section with general information, like phone and fax number. Also located in this header section are the RMA number and the shipping address. The fields will be filled out by our service department after approving the RMA request.

  1. Fill in sender information
  2. Check goods to be returned for return types and criteria written down in the conditions above
  3. Check the corresponding box to choose the return type
  4. In case of warranty return, fill out additional warranty request section
  5. Fill in further information
  6. In case of replacement or repair, choose a shipping method
  7. Send RMA request form to customer service

It is important to provide all information on the form before sending it to BOMImed, otherwise the
return request could be rejected. For any questions or problems feel free to contact us using the contact
information provided on the header section of this form.

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