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Mindray A9 Anesthesia System

Mindray’s innovative electronic platform on the A9 empowers clinicians to ensure the safety of patients throughout peri-operative periods, from induction to recovery, to improve patient outcomes. The A9 introduces the volume exchanger (VE) as an innovative breathing system that brings extremely precise and reliable ventilation.

The A9 offers ventilation modes to meet different patient demands throughout the peri-operative period. Powerful toolkits have been integrated into the A9 to support confident decision-making for protective ventilation, reducing the incidence of post-operative complications (PPCs) and improving patient outcomes. High flow nasal cannula (HFNC) plays an important role in maintaining safe oxygen saturation of patients as it extends the safe apnoeic oxygenation time to 30min during induction. HFNC can help clinicians intubate more easily, especially for patients with poor oxygen saturation such as bariatric, pediatric, critical ill or difficult airway.

The A9 employs anesthetic gas reduction strategies during surgery to provide both environmental and economic benefits. Highly flexible integration options allow the A9 Anesthesia System to work together with a variety of devices, including patient monitors, infusion pumps and information systems, to meet diverse clinical needs.

As a part of the IT solution, the A9 offers information connectivity safety and seamlessly to streamline clinical workflows.

Mindray A9 Anesthesia System FEATURES

  • Electronic vaporizers for safe,precise and reliable agent delivery
  • High Flow Nasal Cannula (HFNC) helps clinicians intubate more easily
  • Advanced ventilation modes to meet challenging patient demands (VCV, PCV, PCV-VG, CPAP/PS, SIMV modes standard with APRV optional)
  • Volume Exchanger (VE) breathing system with visual indicator for ICU-level ventilation
  • Protective ventilation toolkits to reduce incidence of post-operative pulmonary complications
  • Intuitive user interface on rotatable 18.5″ touchscreen monitor, with illuminated APL valve in manual mode
  • Comprehensive, fast and simple system check, completed in 3.5 minutes, saves preparation time
  • Highly flexible integration options
  • Safe and seamless connectivity and integration to meet diverse clinical needs

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Product Videos

Mindray A9 Anesthesia System Overview
Mindray A9 Anesthesia System l MIndray A9 Assemble and Test
Mindray A9 Anesthesia System l Mindray A9 Cleaning
Mindray A9 Volume Exchanger

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